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This historic city is surrounded by beautiful rivers. Dordrecht has over 1000 monuments where you can experience the rich history of the city, definitely in the historical ports of Dordrecht. The Nationaal Park “De Biesbosch” is known for the beautiful nature. The biggest area here is “De Hollandse Biesbosch”.

There are lots of places to shop in Dordrecht. You can find there big chain stores, but also lots of nice specialty stores.

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    Kinderdijk is easy to reach on bike from our b&b. This is usefull because its saves high parking fees and you can cycle along the beautifull mulls for optimal experience. Kinderdijk is famous thoughout the world for its windmills. the 19 windmills are a UNESCO heritage site since 1997 and are an important tourist attraction in the Netherlands. Kinderdijk is a corner where the Leak and the North meet. Since the middle ages is here on intensive way to water management. In and around the village you will find a large number of dikes, storage reservoirs and pump stations.

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    Gorinchem has around 200 national monuments. Almost all of them can be visited within the city walls. The old structure of the city is still there. This structure is made of lots of alleys.

  • De Doelen
  • Grote Kerk en Grote Toren
  • Huize Matthijs-Marijke
  • Tolhuis
  • Hugo de Groot poortje
  • Het Arsenaal
  • Dit is in Bethlehem

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